Hard Glass Pen - "Kamono-nagare"

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Glass pen "Seifu"

Hard Glass Pen - "Seifu"

This pen is named after Seifu Kan.The pen is easy to hold and very easy to write with.It is suitable for writing letters and drawing pictures.

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Glass pen "93-nagare"

Hard Glass Pen - "93-nagare"

This limited edition model was released to commemorate the 93rd birthday of Kan Seifu. It features a flowing design and is popular with everyone for its moderate thickness.

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Glass pen "Miyabi"

Hard Glass Pen - "Miyabi"

This pen has a slightly thicker diamond aperture at the grip, and is recommended for those who do not feel comfortable with thin or straight pens.

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Highest grade Glass pen "kamono-nagare"

Hard Glass Pen - "Kamono-nagare"

The highest grade glass pen with a high-quality writing taste. Using many for important people and famous people in many country.

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Kan Seifu is the only one in the world who uses hard glass (heat-resistant glass) to create the flameworked glass pen from holder to its tip. Each glass pen is carefully handcrafted with 2200 °F burning flame.

Over 60 years, he has been creating glass pens that have strong and durable tip and enable smooth writing as fountain pen. His glass pen is capable of drawing a very fine line, and furthermore, it prevents the ink from dripping.

He always says, "I would like to support people who contribute to world peace." He sends his glass pen to writers, politicians, artists, scholars and professors to show his appreciation to them.

He also donates his work to charity such as Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan Guide Dog Association and other welfare organization. He is willing to continue supporting them as much as he could.

The difference between Hard glass and Soft glass
The hard glass, also known as heat-resistant glass requires twice as much heat as soft glass, and for instance it is used in coffee syphon.Kan Seigfu's glass pen is heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, andabrasion-resistant. It even prevents wearing which was drawback of the traditional glass pen.

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